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Ag rdt test: experts: herd immunity may no longer apply

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Ag rdt test: experts: herd immunity may no longer apply

"(In the case of adenovirus causing hepatitis) the virus that replicates in the liver should be found everywhere, including in plasma, serum and biopsies," Eckelle wrote. Moreover, she also pointed out that there is not a single case of infection that can be tested for the whole genome of adenovirus.

Easterbrook said on the 10th that neither liver samples nor biopsies showed typical features that adenovirus-induced liver inflammation can appear. But within a week, he said, data from a UK case-control study comparing adenovirus rates in a control group and other hospitalized children was expected. "This will really help determine whether the adenovirus detected is an accidental infection, or if there is a causal or likely causal relationship (with hepatitis)," Easterbrook said in the release.

In addition, the possible link between the new coronavirus and unknown hepatitis is also the focus of current research. Easterbrook said about 18% of cases tested positive for the new crown. There are reports that this childhood hepatitis is likely to be a "post-COVID" problem. Because, according to the World Health Organization, most infections are in unvaccinated children.

According to a study published this month in the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, the authoritative journal ofapa itu swab test antigen price - UDXBIO hepatology, a 3-year-old child developed acute Liver failure, which is treated with corticosteroids (anti-infective drugs), avoiding liver transplantation. "This case highlights a possible link between COVID-19 infection and the subsequent development of autoimmune liver disease, which manifests as acute liver failure," the researchers said.

Easterbrook said next week's research will focus on serological testing of hepatitis patients who have been exposed and infected with Covid-19.

The study also shows that it is necessary to continuously monitor the new coronavirus variant in the future. Wendy Buckley, a virologist at Imperial College in the United Kingdom, recently told the British "Nature" magazine that researchers mainly focus on two points for the new coronavirus: one is whether the severity of the disease caused by the virus has changed, and the other is the virus variant. Whether immune escape from vaccines can occur. "Even if the severity of the disease remains the same, an increase in the number of cases will have a significant impact on people's lives."

Barkley has a negative view on whether the future trend of the mutation of the new coronavirus must be "continuous weakening of toxicity". She believes that in addition to common mutations, the new coronavirus will evolve rapidly through recombination. If one Omicron variant recombines with another SARS-CoV-2 variant, it is possible to produce a strain that can both escape immune immunity and cause more severe disease.

"It would be good news if these emerging mutants could herald a milder development of the virus, but biology tells us that this won't be the case forever," she said.