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Antigen Rapid Test: China's response to COVID-19 methodically

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The international omicron epidemic is complicated, and China is responding methodically.

It is the most difficult time for mankind to fight against the virus.

The WHO expert Group meeting agreed that "there is also a need to rely on widespread implementation of public health restrictions, combined with the completion of booster vaccinations, in particular the need for unvaccinated people to be vaccinated together to address the risk of widespread transmission of the omicron variant strain".

As can be seen from the expert consensus of WHO, the dynamic Clearance strategy implemented in China, known as PHSM buy a rapid antigen test - UDXBIO(Public Health and Social Measures) has been widely adopted internationally in the current Omicron response.

"Dynamic zero out" capacity is the most critical public health strategy.

Recently, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and northwest China have seen frequent sporadic and local outbreaks of Delta cases, but China's dynamic zero clearance strategy has been proved to be able to deal with it in about 4 weeks.

Even in the case of Shaoxing, Academician Li Lanjuan mentioned that all the current cases are on a very clear transmission chain. It is only time for us to beat the virus, and there is no need to panic.

All of our present sacrifices and perseverance, behind is the country's scientific and technological power to give us the confidence to adhere to. We believe that vaccines and medicines can support us through the most difficult time.

When Omicron appeared, the Chinese team made the following judgments and made corresponding countermeasures in about 2 to 3 weeks through the strength of science and technology:

1. Xie Xiaoliang team in Beijing: Omicron variant strains evade most of the current macromolecule antibody drugs, and we will still face great challenges, but the existing antibody drug development routes in China can still keep up with the mutation of the virus. At present, China has passed the emergency application of large-molecule drugs can still play a certain effect.

Medical center, national institute of allergy and infectious diseases have been conducting clinical trials to series of new antibodies and small molecules simultaneously targeting drugs, these drugs will emerge in the second half of 2021, as the world health organization representative yesterday's declaration, inner world in 2022, have the ability and confidence to control the popularity of the new champions league, gradually return to a normal life.

2. The Hong Kong, China, team's study on Omicron, which is about to complete an international peer review for publication, has antigen swab test cost - UDXBIOmade an important judgment that the virus has significantly evades the two-dose vaccine and can no longer stop its spread.

The level of replication of the new virus in bronchus was significantly higher than that of Delta, and the transmission rate was significantly accelerated on the basis of Delta. 

Without further public health and social measures (PHSM) such as school closures, it will be difficult to stop the rapid spread of Omicron and defeat Delta. At present, Britain has become the world's most rapidly rising omicron country outside South Africa.

There is good news, however, as the Hong Kong team and the international team confirmed that the third dose can still significantly reduce the incidence of symptomatic COVID-19 and still help control the incidence of hospitalizations and deaths. But the WHO expert consensus on Omicron points out that all this still requires intensified implementation of public health measures. At this juncture, China's experience, whether accepted or not, has become the common choice of the world.

Only recently, public health and social measures such as school closures have been renewed in the UK, and the third dose has been widely promoted. All this proves that Omicron is not a live attenuated vaccine, and this is not the time to relax. Major studies have confirmed that the third dose in China retains the neutralization effect of Omicron and Delta and has the potential to reduce the incidence of severe cases. China is expected to complete the follow-up strategy of the third dose of vaccine optimization in 2021, and join the international community in 2022. With what WHO calls full control of the Novel Coronavirus, people around the world can expect normal, calm lives.

This winter and the Spring Festival, we will spend the last cold winter together with the international community. We will "clear the clouds and see the sun, and watch the clouds and see the moon."