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Antigen Rapid Test: international epidemic overview

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Comprehensive news: according to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 17:00 on the 6th Beijing time, there were 445141070 confirmed cases of new crowns and 5995315 deaths of new crowns in the world. The data also showed that the five countries with the largest cumulative number of confirmed cases in the past 28 days were Germany, Russia, South Korea, the United States and Brazil.

America: New York City will begin relaxing epidemic prevention restrictions next weekantigen combined test kit for sale - UDXBIO

According to the data released by Johns Hopkins University at 9:21 Beijing time on the 6th, a total of 79265725 cases were diagnosed and 958436 cases died in the United States.

On March 4 local time, Eric Adams, mayor of New York City, announced that from next week, New York City will lift most of the new crown epidemic prevention restrictions. For example, people are no longer required to show the new crown vaccination certificate when entering restaurants, cinemas, gyms and other indoor places, and students aged 5 and above do not have to wear masks at school. But he also stressed that if there is a new coronavirus variant similar to the Omicron strain, New York City may resume the implementation of epidemic prevention restrictions.

On November 25, people lined up outside a new crown vaccine center in Frankfurt, Germany. Source: Xinhua News Agency

Recently, the average number of new diagnoses per day in New York City has decreased significantly. According to Adams, about 6.4 million of the city's 8.8 million people were vaccinated with the new crown vaccine, which saved 1.9 million people from infection and 48000 people from death.

Europe: Italy will donate excess vaccine

According to Italy media reports, the official COVID-19 monitoring report released by Italy officials in March 4th showed that the new crown incidence rate continued to decline. Between February 25th and March 3rd this year, the incidence rate of new crown in Italy was 433 per 100 thousand inhabitants, lower than 552 cases from February 18th to February 24th this year.

According to Feig Leo Lo, director of the Italy emergency response Committee of COVID-19 (Francesco Paolo Figliuolo), the vaccination rate of people over the age of 12 in Italy has reached 90%, of which 83% have been vaccinated with third doses. The Italian government decided to donate the surplus vaccine to poorer countries because of the large number of vaccines purchased in the country and the continuous delivery of previously ordered vaccines and the full warehouse.

Passengers wearing masks take the subway in Frankfurt, Germany, on November 25.Source: Xinhua News Agency

According to the data released by the Robert Koch Institute, a German disease control agency, as of 0:00 local time on the 5th, 192210 cases were newly diagnosed in Germany in a single day, with a total of 15674100 cases; There were 255 new deaths and a total of 124051 deaths.

According to the Russian epidemic prevention headquarters on the 5th, 86769 new cases were diagnosed in a single day, 750 new deaths, and a total of 16861793 cases were diagnosed.

Asia: South Korea's daily increase in the number of confirmed cases this month may exceed 350000

South Korea's central epidemic prevention headquarters reported on the 6th that 243628 cases were newly diagnosed in a single day, with a cumulative diagnosis of more than 4.45 million cases; There were 161 new deaths, with a cumulative death rate of 8957, with an average death rate of 0.2%.According to Yonhap, citing the prediction of relevant institutions, by the middle of this month, the number of daily confirmed cases in South Korea will reach more than 350000.

Thailand officially announced on the 5th that 22818 cases were newly diagnosed in a single day, with a total of 3004814 cases;There were 52 new deaths and a total of 23176 deaths.The Thai capital Bangkok added 2809 cases on the same day, continuing to rank first in the country.

Thai health ministry officials said that affected by the rapid spread of the new coronavirus variant Omikron strain, there has been a surge in confirmed cases in Thailand recently, resulting in an increase in the number of critically ill patients requiring hospitalization. If people do not strictly implement epidemic prevention measures, the number of confirmed cases in Thailand may exceed 50000 after the Thai new year songgan Festival (water sprinkling Festival) next month.

As of March 4, Thailand had received more than 124 million doses of neocoronavirus vaccine. About 77.4% of the national population had received at least one dose of vaccine, 71.7% had received two doses and 30.1% had received booster shots. Rachada, deputy spokesman of the prime minister's office of Thailand, said that at present, there are more than 20 kinds of new coronavirus vaccines developed in Thailand, of which four are in clinical trials.

Africa: some covid vaccines in South Africa face the risk of expiration

According to the data released by the African Center for Disease Control and prevention on the 5th local time, 11219633 cases were diagnosed and 249530 cases died in Africa.

South African health minister Joe fahra said on March 4 that more than 32 million people in the country have been vaccinated with the new coronavirus vaccine, of which 19 million South African adults have received at least one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine or two doses of Pfizer vaccine.However, the overall vaccination rate in South Africa has been declining. At present, at least 5 million adults need to be vaccinated before reaching the vaccination rate target set by the South African government, that is, at least 60% of the adult population can be vaccinated.

Data show that South Africa currently has 25 million doses of neocoronavirus vaccine in stock, including 13 million doses of Pfizer vaccine, and the shelf life of some vaccines is 7 to 9 months.Fahra revealed that due to the continuous decline of vaccination rate in South Africa, a large number of vaccines face the risk of expiration from the end of this month.According to South Africa's official statistics, as of the 5th local time, South Africa had diagnosed 3681437 cases and died 99517 cases. Both data ranked first on the African continent.

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