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Disposal of antigen test results

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Disposal of antigen test results

1. If the antigen test is positive, regardless of whether there are respiratory tract, fever and other symptoms, the residents should immediately report to the community (Village) where they live, and the community (Village) should contact the emergency center to transfer the residents to the medical institution with hot spot for nucleic acid test according to the guidelines for transfer of relevant personnel in the COVID-19. The sampling swabs, sampling tubes, test cards, etc. used by the positive personnel are put into sealed bags and transferred to medical institutions for disposal as medical waste.

2. If the antigen test is negative, asymptomatic residents can closely observe and conduct antigen test or nucleic acid test when necessary; For residents with symptoms, it is recommended to go to the medical institutions with fever clinics as soon as possible for nucleic acid testing; If it is inconvenient to see a doctor, you should isolate yourself at home, avoid going out, and conduct an antigen self-test every day for 5 consecutive days.

Strengthen monitoring of antigen detectionrapid swab antigen test price - UDXBIO

In March 2022, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice, requiring all provincial drug regulatory departments to continue to strengthen the monitoring and handling of online trading information of novel coronavirus testing reagents, and to promptly organize the investigation and handling of illegal clues found through monitoring. Drug regulatory departments at all levels should attach great importance to case clues reflected through online monitoring, complaints and reports, public opinion monitoring, supervision and inspection, supervision and sampling inspection, and strictly investigate and deal with illegal and illegal acts such as unlicensed production and operation, production and operation of unregistered novel coronavirus antigen testing reagents. Those suspected of committing crimes shall be promptly transferred to the public security organ.

Application of antigen detection

On March 16, 2022, the "self testing version" of the new crown antigen test kit officially arrived in Changsha and was sold in many pharmacies and medical equipment cities in Hunan. The first batch of "self testing version" of the new crown antigen test kit in Hunan was put on the shelves.

In March 2022, the Medical Security Bureau of Henan Province and the health commission of Henan Province issued a document, decided to temporarily add the "novel coronavirus antigen test" project, and clarified the relevant matters. The document clearly stated that the price item of "new coronavirus antigen detection" was temporarily added in the way of "separation of technology consumption". The unified government guidance price of Henan Province was 5 yuan/time. The charges of public medical institutions could not be increased, and the reduction was unlimited. Public medical institutions that carry out novel coronavirus antigen testing are charged in the form of "price items + testing reagents". If the total fee exceeds 15 yuan / person time, the actual fee is capped at 15 yuan / person time.  

In the afternoon of March 19, 2022, at the Beijing epidemic situation conference, Li Ang, deputy director and spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Health, introduced the implementation of the new coronavirus antigen test in Beijing. These four scenarios can be self tested: first, the application of primary medical institutions, second, the application of isolation personnel, third, the self inspection of community (village) residents, and fourth, other personnel who need to strengthen monitoring.

From March 25, 2022, public medical institutions in Shanxi Province will carry out the new coronavirus antigen detection project. The total cost of detection shall not exceed 15 yuan/person time, including 5 yuan/person time for detection service, and zero margin sales of antigen detection reagents (including sampling devices).

From June 10, 2022, the price of the novel coronavirus nucleic acid test sample collection project in Henan Province was reduced from 24 yuan / person to 16 yuan / person (including relevant reagents and consumables), and the price of the novel coronavirus antigen test project was reduced from 15 yuan / person to 6 yuan / person (including relevant reagents and consumables). The price of the new coronavirus nucleic acid test sample mixed collection project is still 4 yuan/person time. However, for large-scale screening and regular testing organized by the government, considering the scale effect and the cost sharing effect of grassroots organizations and volunteers, the new coronavirus nucleic acid test sample mixed collection is charged according to the standard of no more than 3.4 yuan/person time.