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  • Is Europe overly optimistic about COVID-19

    In Lazarus' view, while some control measures can be reduced at this stage, it is wrong to end all control measures now, and it is wrong to give the public hope that the epidemic is over. From the UK to Denmark, European countries are changing the way they deal with the COVID-19.

  • Antibody rapid detection kit: the prospects for IVD regulation in Europe will become clearer in 2021

    Antibody rapid detection kit: the prospects for IVD regulation in Europe will become clearer in 2021. This Christmas is a bit early for European IVD manufacturers. At that time, the European Union chose to extend the transition period for different categories of IVD medical devices under the IVD Regulation (IVDR) for several years, although IVDR is still planned for next year.

  • UDXBIO covid-19 antigen rapid test kit can test the new mutant Omicron

    The answers available are very confusing. Some media reported that "infection with the Omicron mutant only causes symptoms like the common cold".It won't be long before you can take off your mask and enjoy the Christmas holidays. But what if Omicron is as sick as the Delta mutant? That would be a disaster.

  • Total Antibodies Rapid Test: Omicron may rule the world - part 1

    Total Antibodies Rapid Test: Omicron may rule the world. WHO data shows that as of December 22, the Omicron strain has spread to 110 countries and regions around the world.

  • What is COVID-19 antigen rapid test?

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, virus nucleic acid detection and antibody detection methods have been widely applied, and to a certain extent, contain the spread of the virus. However, according to the disclosure of the CDC at home and abroad, most virus carriers were not identified in time in the early stage of infection.

  • The difference between POCT test and PCR test

    The PCR laboratory is also called the gene amplification laboratory. PCR is the abbreviation for Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is a molecular biology technique used to amplify specific DNA fragments, which can be regarded as a special DNA replication in vitro.