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antigen test kit for sale

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  • PCR vs Antigen Testing: Which COVID-19 Test Is Right For Me?

    Testing for COVID-19 has become part of the new normal. Maybe you have symptoms and wonder if it's COVID-19. Or you are planning to travel and need to show a negative test result. Whatever your reason for testing, you may be wondering about PCR vs. antigen testing and which type is right for you.Mol

  • Do these tests provide accurate negative results?

    Recently, high-profile public figures have received unusually rapid test results, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk. "Some very fake things are happening," Musk tweeted. "Tested four times for COVID-19 today. Two tests came back negative; two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse."Anot

  • Antigen Rapid Test's method

    Assisted by the examiner with a tongue depressor, the pharyngeal swab is passed over the base of the tongue to reach the lesions of the pharyngeal isthmus.

  • Allrecord rapid antigen: the UK adds 9 new symptoms to the new crown pneumonia

    Allrecord rapid antigen: the UK adds 9 new symptoms to the new crown pneumoniaNine new symptoms have been added to the UK's official list of symptoms of Covid-19, in addition to a new strain of Omicron, 'Long COVID' and 'Post COVID' Have the latest data. We will review them in this report.

  • COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test's method

    Nasal swab collection method: Wet the swab in normal saline. Measure the distance from the nostril to the base of the ear with a swab and mark it with your finger.