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best alat swab test antigen

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  • Disposal of antigen test results

    If the antigen test is positive, regardless of whether there are respiratory tract, fever and other symptoms, the residents should immediately report to the community (Village) where they live.

  • Igg igm test: there is an inflection point in the epidemic in India

    Rapid influenza b ag: the number of new diagnoses has continued to decline, but now it may be much more complicated!After more than 300,000 new confirmed cases on the same day, where will the epidemic in India go?

  • Alat antigen: Germany's daily increase in confirmed cases exceeds 300,000 for the first time

    Alat antigen: Modena said that the probability of occurrence of more dangerous variants is about 20%The latest data from the WHO website shows that as of 18:58 CET on the 24th (1:58 Beijing time on the 25th), the number of confirmed cases worldwide increased by 1,690,016.