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  • Ag rdt test: experts: herd immunity may no longer apply

    Ag rdt test: experts: herd immunity may no longer apply"(In the case of adenovirus causing hepatitis) the virus that replicates in the liver should be found everywhere, including in plasma, serum and biopsies."

  • Allrecord rapid antigen: a new strain that combines the original strain of Omicron and the "stealth strain" appears

    What are XE mutants?XE is a mutant resulting from recombination of BA.1 (original Omicron strain) and BA.2 (Omicron "stealth" strain), and is referred to as a "recombinant" or hybrid strain. And a "variant" is a version of a virus that contains a set of mutations, or changes in its genetic material.

  • Alat swab test antigen: the spread of the Omicron strain is accelerating

    Alat swab test antigen: many countries around the world are worried about the arrival of a new peak of the epidemicRecently, due to the accelerated spread of multiple subtypes of Omicron strains, the world is facing the threat of a new round of epidemic peaks.