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buy rapid influenza diagnostic test

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  • Selection and use of rapid antigen tests

    On 26 February, the government reminded members of the public to visit the dedicated COVID-19 website for information on selecting and using rapid antigen test (RAT) kits.Currently,there are many RAT kits on the market.The government accepts RAT kits approved by the relevant authorities in major ma

  • Swab antigen dan rapid antigen: Clouds and Doubts of "COVID-19 Sequelae" - part 1

    Swab antigen dan rapid antigen: Clouds and Doubts of "COVID-19 Sequelae"The COVID-19 epidemic has entered its third year. It is conservatively estimated that more than 500 million people have been infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus worldwide.

  • Antigen Rapid Test: international epidemic overview

    Antigen Rapid Test: international epidemic overview. The data also showed that the five countries with the largest cumulative number of confirmed cases in the past 28 days were Germany, Russia, South Korea, the United States and Brazil.