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Rapid antigen test: Corona virus variant!

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Rapid antigen test, the global epidemic is likely to worsen

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to the deltacoron variant of the new coronavirus. French scientists have also confirmed the existence of this variant for the first time through genome sequencing. And it combines the mutations in the new coronavirus delta variant and the Omicron variant. Cases have also been reported in the United States and Europe.

At present, the number of infections in many European countries is rising again, and the number of infections in Asia is also high. Some experts worry that the global epidemic may worsen again. However, it is understood that during this period, many countries still implement the new policy of "unblocking" epidemic prevention, which can not help people worry. The Japanese government held a meeting of the new coronavirus infection countermeasure team on the 11th local time, and proposed a new idea that the epidemic prevention measures can be lifted even if the number of infected people does not decrease.

During the discussion at the panel meeting, it was stated that the mechanism to promote the restart of economic activities by actively playing the role ofbiocredit antigen test for sale - UDXBIO the third dose of vaccine and testing. It is also proposed to cancel the upper limit of the number of people who can attend large-scale events in the implementation area of "key measures to prevent spread". At present, when large-scale events are held in areas where "key measures such as prevention of spread" are implemented, the organizer needs to formulate an "infection prevention plan" that lists items such as the need to wear masks and prohibit loud conversations, and set the upper limit of the number of participants to 2 million people.

British Columbia, Canada lifted the mandatory mask order in low-risk indoor public places from the early morning of the 11th. The plan is to scrap the mandatory vaccine card policy for restaurants and gyms on April 8. And together with the cancellation of the mandatory vaccination program for medical staff in private medical institutions. Use an "informed consent" system for patients who wish to avoid unvaccinated providers.

The province will also lift faith gatherings and capacity restrictions. In addition, B.C. will resume visits to long-term care homes starting March 18, with some restrictions, such as requiring visitors to get vaccinated and take rapid tests.

South Korea's new crown has added more than 300,000 cases for three consecutive days. In the face of such a serious epidemic situation, the South Korean government will continue to relax epidemic prevention control. The South Korean government said it will gradually relax restrictions on quarantine, movement and other requirements for overseas arrivals from the 21st of this month. According to the changes of the epidemic situation, visas will be relaxed in stages, and the issuance of new routes will be increased.

From the 21st, overseas entrants who have completed the whole course of the new crown vaccine and have registered the vaccination history can be exempted from the original 7-day home quarantine. There are three categories of overseas entrants who meet the standard of "full vaccination": first, those who have received a dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine within 14 days and within 180 days; second, those who have completed the second dose of other types of vaccines within 14 days and 180 days; third are entrants who have completed three doses of the vaccine. The vaccine type covers any new crown vaccine that has been certified by the World Health Organization. Those who have been vaccinated in Korea are automatically registered with the vaccination history, and those who have completed the vaccination overseas must submit a certificate of vaccination history to the health station.

From the 1st of next month, as long as the overseas entrants who meet the "full vaccination" standard do not need to register the vaccination history, they can also enter the vaccination-related information through the Quarantine Information Input System (Q-CODE) and attach the certificate to be exempted from isolation. However, due to the level of risk in each country and the quarantine procedures in South Korea, arrivals from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Myanmar are still required to be quarantined.