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Swab test antigen harga: more than 1000 cases of monkeypox have been diagnosed in many countries!

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Swab test antigen harga: More than 1000 cases of monkeypox have been diagnosed in many countries!

Monkeypox vaccine becomes the focus?

For the rapid spread of monkeypox, some experts pointed out that the virus has the possibility of air transmission.

On June 7, the New York Times reported that the CDC of the United States suggested that in countries where monkeypox is spreading, "close family contacts and medical personnel" should consider wearing masks.

The New York Times quoted experts as saying that this suggestion may suggest that the current monkeypox outbreak process is rarely discussed: the virus can spread through the air, at least in a short distance. At the same time, experts said in the interview that although air transmission is only a small factor in the overall transmission process, there is no exact estimate of its impact.

On Wednesday (June 8) local time, Lewis, the head of the WHO monkeypox project, also pointed out that close contact between people is the main mode of monkeypox virus transmission, and the risk of aerosol transmission has not been fully determined. Therefore, health workers caring for monkeypox patients should wear masks.

According to the data tracked by CDC, the recent outbreak of monkeypox is considered to be a West African variant from the virus strain, which causes relatively mild symptoms and a mortality rate of about 1%. However, the CDC warned that at least two monkeypox virus variants with different genes have spread in the United States. Genetic analysis shows that there is no connection between the two monkeypox virus variants.

On June 8 local time, the technical director of monkeypox of the World Health Organization said that the virus may have spread "for weeks, months or possibly years" in non epidemic countries and has not been found. The sudden outbreak of monkeypox in North America, Europe and Australia has puzzled medical and health experts and raised concerns about its spread in the community.

In order to cope with the potential risk of transmission, the United States said on Monday that 36000 doses of vaccine were being distributed to high-risk groups exposed to the virus. In addition, Rochelle walensky, director of CDC, revealed that the United States has millions of doses of vaccines that can prevent monkeypox, smallpox and other viruses in the national strategic reserve, as well as antiviral drugs that specifically treat these diseases.

In addition, some European countries, including Britain and Spain, have announced similar measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

This has led to a rapid rise in the popularity of monkeypox vaccine. At present, the only monkeypox vaccine approved by theantigen combined test kit cost - UDXBIO regulatory authorities in the United States and Canada is the monkeypox vaccine jynneos (called imvanex in Europe) produced by Bavarian Nordic in Denmark.

At present, the CDC of the United States suggests that jynneos vaccine should be used preferentially because it is safer than acam2000 vaccine, but the problem is that the current supply of jynneos vaccine is insufficient.

This also makes monkeypox vaccine jynneos a focus. In the past few weeks, Bavaria Nordic company has signed several jynneos vaccine orders with several undisclosed countries. On June 7, the executives of Bavaria Nordic company said that they expected to sign more monkeypox vaccine contracts.

Both Britain and Germany said they had placed an order to purchase monkeypox vaccine from Bavaria Nordic company. On Tuesday, local time, the company signed a five-year monkeypox vaccine supply contract with the Canadian government worth about US $56million, which will be delivered next year.

But tandesay said that at present, the who does not recommend mass vaccination, and there is no need for mass vaccination, because its symptoms are mild and there has been no death.

Super strong new coronavirus strain sweeping the United States

At the same time, new changes have taken place in the situation of the COVID-19 in the United States.

On June 7, the Global Times quoted USA today as saying that the United States is experiencing the sixth wave of COVID-19. According to the data of Johns Hopkins University, as of June 6, Beijing time, the total number of new crown cases in the United States has exceeded 2.87 million in the past 28 days, and the daily average number of new cases has returned to more than 100000, ranking first in the world.

Recently, the number of new coronal infections in children in the United States has also continued to rise. The latest report released by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the children's Hospital Association on the 6th showed that more than 400000 new cases of coronal infections in children in the United States have been added in the past four weeks.

What is more worrisome is that two new subtypes of ba 4 and ba The infection cases caused by 5 strains have been found all over the United States and are on the rise.

On June 8 local time, NBC reported that at present, Omicron ba 4 and ba The 5 strain has spread rapidly in the United States and is likely to replace Omicron BA in the near future 2.12.1, becoming the main epidemic strain in the United States.

According to the data released by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention on the 7th, in the week ending June 4, ba The infected persons accounted for 5.4% of the new crown cases in the United States (3.3% in the previous week), ba The infection rate was 7.4% (the previous week was 4.2%), and the total of the two was more than 12%.

Ashish jaha, the White House coordinator for COVID-19, warned that ba 4 and ba The 5 strain may dominate in the United States in late summer or early autumn.

It is worth noting that compared with Omicron ba 2 strain, ba 4、BA. The 5 strain had many new mutations in spike protein, and its transmissibility was further enhanced. The European Center for Disease Control and prevention reported that Portugal expected ba 5 relative ba 2 with a growth advantage of 13%, and South Africa expects ba 5. The growth advantage was 12%, and it was the mutant with the fastest transmission speed at present.

According to preliminary investigation, it is similar to ba 1 and ba 2 compared with ba 4 and ba The antigenic characteristics of 5 changed significantly. BA. 4 and ba It can avoid the immune protection of human body through infection or vaccination, so as to make its growth advantage stronger.

Jesse bloom, a virus evolutionary biologist at the Seattle Research Center, said it was not clear at present 4 and ba The exact reason why it is easier to spread is that they are naturally better at spreading; Another reason may be that these variants are better at avoiding immune reactions such as antibodies, so that they can infect people with previous immunity.

At present, there is no indication that ba 4 and ba The pathogenicity of 5 strain was stronger than that of other Omicron subtypes.