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Total Antibodies Rapid Test: Omicron may rule the world - part 2

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06 Will the current COVID-19 drugs have any effect on Omicron infection?

Most antibody drugs lose their effect, but small-molecule antiviral drugs have little effect.

From the principle of Omicron mutation, those drugs that play a therapeutic role against neutralizing antibodies may lose their value rapid antigen cost - UDXBIOdue to mutations.

A study from Peking University stated that of the 247 neutralizing antibodies found in the sera of recovered patients, 85% were escaped by Ome Keron. Of the 9 antibody drugs developed based on these antibodies, 5 have completely lost their effect, and 2 have greatly reduced their effects, leaving only 2 (GSK’s VIR7831 and BeiGene’s DXP-604) barely still available. And ability.

However, the other route of treatment drugs, that is, oral small molecule antiviral drugs, still has similar treatment capabilities as before. Small-molecule antiviral drugs do not act on the mutant S protein. This is like the flu virus mutates every year and the vaccine is updated every year, but oseltamivir is still effective.

07 In the face of Omicron, are masks and alcohol still useful?

No matter how much it mutates, Omicron is still a COVID-19 virus, the mode of transmission remains the same, and the original protective measures are still useful.

Although Omicron has undergone major changes, it remains the same as the core of the virus.

It is speculated that Omicron is a mutation of the new coronavirus in immunodeficiency people. It is indeed possible, but it will not have other "superpowers."

Omicron is still the COVID-19 virus. In other words, it can only be transmitted through close contact and close respiratory contact, just like the previous new coronavirus. The current testing methods can also find Omicron. The isolation, protection and disinfection methods that we have become accustomed to can still prevent its spread.

08 How do countries in the world deal with Omicron?

Restrict entry, strengthen isolation, and start research and development of exclusive vaccines.

When the opponent's power is still unclear, the first countries to implement is the "restricted entry and strengthened isolation" program that has formed muscle memory. Many countries have restricted flights to southern Africa, the previously relaxed isolation policy has been tightened again, and football leagues in various European countries have once again restricted the admission of fans.

Facing the increasing number of hospitalized cases, medical institutions in various countries are also ready to fight.

When it was realized that the vaccine was not effective, the development of targeted and exclusive vaccines was also put on the agenda. Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson have successively announced that they will develop exclusive vaccines against Omicron. According to similar research and development and calculations done before, it will be available for market application in about 3 months.

09 How should the country respond to Omicron?

Strengthen border prevention and control. Pay attention to the research data of domestic vaccines.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, China has always been one of the most effective countries in the world to control the epidemic. The current cases of Ome Keron are under strict surveillance and isolation. The State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism has also made important arrangements for the prevention and control of epidemics in port cities.

It is impossible to completely block the country, so we should implement stricter border management and patiently wait for the follow-up exclusive vaccine development and inoculation. The international situation has improved, which is also an important contribution to preventing the spread of Omicron.

The current fastest-responding vaccine data are mainly mRNA vaccines, and the domestic mainstream inactivated vaccines have not yet the latest results. We still don’t know what the best way to use an inactivated vaccine in the face of Omicron. It is also expected that domestic vaccines will be researched and released as soon as possible to guide the adjustment of subsequent vaccination work.

The small market share of Zhifeilongkema recombinant protein COVID-19 has given preliminary research data on its official website: antibodies have dropped by 3 times.

10 How should we deal with Omicron?

In response to changes, the current non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI) are still effective. Vaccine booster shots also need to be vaccinated.

As long as it is still the new coronavirus, our NPI for two years will still be effective. Keep going! Don't relax!

Although the COVID-19 is not so strong against new opponents, at the moment, in order to minimize severe illness and reduce the pressure on the medical system, vaccinating the COVID-19 and the COVID-19 booster in accordance with the regulations is still an important means to protect yourself and everyone. Don't refuse the protection of armor because of insufficient armor.

Omicron is spreading rapidly around the world, and the existing drug and vaccine control methods are weakened in the face of Omicron.

Although it is likely to be milder, rapid spread may still bring medical disasters. Countries all over the world are watching nervously and responding carefully, and the status of strict non-drug prevention and control measures has once again risen.

We may not immediately face the threat of Omicron, but plan ahead. In case we will face this difficult opponent and understand these ten questions, you will be the safest person in the circle of friends.