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UDXBIO covid-19 antigen rapid test kit can test the new mutant Omicron

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The answers available are very confusing. Some media reported that "infection with the Omicron mutant only causes symptoms antigen swab test cost - UDXBIOlike the common cold".It won't be long before you can take off your mask and enjoy the Christmas holidays. But what if Omicron is as sick as the Delta mutant? That would be a disaster.

Others reiterated that the Omicron mutant is the worst news since the COVID-19 pandemic. We've been keeping tabs on the severity of the Omicron mutation. Because, you know, there hasn't been very good data. How can you talk about such an important question?

On December 17, 2021, Nature published Heidi Ledford's summary of the severity of COVID-19 patients infected with Omicron, and we made a supplement on this basis.

It's still not the answer to that question, but it's the best one so far to answer the question of how sick you are with Omicron. Let the data tell the truth.

The authors looked at the rate of hospitalization after Omicron infection to show the severity of the disease.

Early results are from South Africa, and these reports show more consistently that Omicron infection leads to lower hospitalization rates than Delta mutant infection.

On 14 December, Discovery Healthy, a South African insurance company, based on 78,000 omicron-positive people, showed a cost for antigen test - UDXBIO29% lower risk of hospitalization in those infected with Omicron compared with those infected with other mutants.

This is the most important data available on omicron-infected hospitalization rates.

However, some researchers say it is too early to draw conclusions, as key methodological details for this figure have not yet been published, and hospitalization rates are affected by hospital capacity, age of the infected person, and pre-infection specific immunity status (vaccination and COVID-19 infection, etc.). But Waasila Jassat of South Africa's National Institute of Infectious Diseases says the results are similar to other studies in the country. Although this data set may be flawed, different studies show consistent results.

At least in the real world in South Africa, the current rate of omicron-infected patients being hospitalized is actually lower.

The European and American research results are mainly from Denmark and Britain.

On December 13th Data released in Denmark showed that people infected with Omicron were admitted to hospital at rates comparable to those infected with other strains. A total of 3,400 Omicron infections were found in Denmark, of which 37 were hospitalized [1]. The group's flaws were also clear: too few cases.

On 16 December, research at Imperial College London, UK showed no evidence of fewer hospitalizations due to Omicron infection compared to the Delta mutant.

With the Omicron mutant, there is no reason for optimism.

Those infected with Omicron do not experience the loss of smell, high fever or breathing difficulties characteristic of previous strains, but instead develop relatively mild symptoms such as cough, fatigue, nasal congestion or runny nose that are hard to distinguish from flu or even the common cold, all adding to the difficulty of prevention.

Both the ultimate severity of Omicron infection and the social/medical stress caused by its high infectivity and immune escape ability make it likely that Omicron will again cause serious harm to humans.

In turn, enhanced testing is an important screening method.

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