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Covid-19 Antigen Rapid test(Saliva Lollipop)

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Henan UDX Biotechnology Co, Ltd is a professional high-tech biotechnology company who is engaged in R&D, manufacturing best antigen test - UDXBIOand marketing for medical in-vitro diagnostic(IVD) rapid test kits , like covid-19 antigen rapid test kit, covid-19 Ig/G, Ig/M rapid test kit, total antibodies rapid test kit and covid-19 antigen&saliva rapid test kit and so on.

UDXBIO is focus on the development of Testing Solutions for the SARS-CoV-2.

Our founder has been in the biotechnology field for almost 30 years. The R&D VP has a strong medical technical background who got the PhD. from Ivy League prestigious school, published heavyweight papers in internationally renowned journals for many times.

Now we cooperate with R&D institutions and universities in the United States and UK who can offer the strongest medical technical support for the development of the company. Our producing management team has more than 20 years producing experience of in-vitro diagnostic(IVD)rapid test kits.

With an area of about 10000 square meters, UDXBIO currently has about over 300 employs, among them more than 60 people are Masters and PhD. degree, and more than 20 workers are senior technical.

Producing according to the standard of ISO 13485, UDXBIO has established rigorous productive process and complete quality management system to ensure that all products are good quality under the strict and efficient management process.

We have established solid business relationships with over 50 countries through our brand UDXBIO Rapid test as well as OEM packing. Our business is booming, we are thrilled to find distributors and OEM partners worldwide for mutual success.

Now we have sold UDXBIO brand products to many countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Ghana, Uganda, Bangladesh, UK, Italy and so on.  

Strong customer attention and creative problem-solving capabilities have made us a world’s professional manufacturer of Covid-19 rapid test kit.

We have common product of the following:

Covid-19 antigen rapid test;

Covid-19 antigen rapid test(saliva test);

Covid-19 total antibodies rapid test;

Covid-19 Ig/G Ig/M rapid test;

Covid-19/Influenza A+B rapid test kit;

Influenza A+B rapid test kit;

And now we have developed the new product: Covid-19 antigen rapid test(Saliva Lollipop);

It has the same test theory with covid-19 antigen rapid test, can be much more convenient to use and test, especially for children and elder person. It’s just like to eat a lollipop, so very convenient to use and test. And has the same product performance with covid-19 antigen rapid test.

best rapid antigen test kit - UDXBIO antigen cost - UDXBIO

And for the recent variants of Covid-19, like














South Africa mutant strain(C.1.2);

Finland mutant strain(796H);

France mutant strain(B.1/A.27);

Brazil mutant strain(N.9);

TheUnited States mutant strain(B.1.427/B.1.429/B.1.375) and


We announce that our product performance will not be affected by the mutations, our Covid-19 antigen rapid test kit can test the multiple Covid-19 mutants like above based on its test theory of the Nucleocapsid protein.

Henan UDX Biotechnology Co., LTD will continues to focus on the product quality and provide best quality and service to our customers.