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What is antigen testing?

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In addition to the nucleic acid detection we are familiar with, there is also a new method called antigen detection.

So what is antigen testing? What is the difference between antigen detection and nucleic acid detection? Can antigen test replace nucleic acid test? 

Let's take a look.

First, what is antigen testing?best rapid antigen test kit - UDXBIO

The virus is a kind of virus without cell structure, the outer shell is the shell of the egg shell, and the outer shell is the genetic material nucleic acid.

The nucleic acid test we are familiar with is to detect the gene of the virus, and the antigen test is to detect the "viral clothes" from the antibody.

Nucleic acid detection uses gene amplification technology to continuously release the gene segment carrying the virus, and then capture it with fluorescent probes to judge whether there is a virus in the patient.

Antigen detection is mainly to determine whether is infected with the virus by detecting specific antibodies that can bind to the virus in body liquid.

Secondly, the difference between original detection and nucleic acid detection.

The method of detection is different from the detected components.

Antigen detection: simple and fast operation, which is conducive to "early screening" of specific groups.

Nucleic acid detection: the operation is relatively complex, but the accuracy is good and the data can be monitored.

Finally, can antigen detection be used as the basis for diagnosis? The answer is no!

Nucleic acid testing is still the basis for the diagnosis of novel coronavirus infection.

If the nucleic acid test is positive, no matter what the antigen test result is, corresponding measures should be taken according to the diagnostic criteria of new coronavirus infection or new coronal pneumonia.

If the nucleic acid test is negative and the antigen test is positive, it shall be regarded as a new coronavirus infected person, and measures such as centralized isolation shall be taken to closely observe and continuously conduct nucleic acid test.

Can antigen detection replace nucleic acid detection?


If nucleic acid detection is available, nucleic acid detection should be selected.

Antigen testing is only a supplementary stage, which is used for screening specific groups and can promote early detection.

Which are suitable for antigen detection?

People with respiratory tract, fever and other symptoms within 5 days;

Home isolation observation personnel, close contact and sub close contact personnel, border isolation observation personnel, personnel in closed control area and control area;

Community residents who need antigen detection.

Which are suitable for antigen detection?

If the community residents have a need for antigen detection, they can purchase antigen detection reagents for antigen detection.

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