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rapid antibody test cost

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  • Understanding the Principles of Rapid Antibody Test IgM IgG: A Breakdown of Colloidal Gold Immunoassay
    In the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, diagnostic tests play a pivotal role in identifying and controlling the spread of the virus. One such diagnostic method is the Rapid Antibody Test IgM IgG, which is based on the colloidal gold immunoassay principle. In this article, we delve into the scie
  • Rapid antigen test methods
    Rapid antigen test methods:A positive virus test indicates a current infection, while a positive antibody test indicates a previous infection. [17] Other techniques include CT scans, checking for elevated body temperature, checking for low blood oxygen levels, and detection by trained dogs. [18][19]
  • Rapid Antigen Tests and Their Uses
    Rapid Antigen Test (RAT), sometimes called Rapid Antigen Test (RADT), Rapid Antigen Test (ART), or simply Rapid Test, is a rapid diagnostic test suitable for point-of-care testing that directly detects the presence or Antigen is absent. Such tests are a type of lateral flow test that detects antigen
  • Novel Coronavirus Tools -- COVID-19 Antigen Tests
    We are now able to receive free COVID-19 vaccines in Wuhan, and the news is getting better and better. We are sure that we can take off our masks soon. Let's take a look at the scientific tools that will keep the coronavirus pandemic safe.
  • UDXBIO has developed new products-covid-19/influenza A+B rapid test
    Flu season is starting in many parts of the world now. So, now people are worried about flu and COVID. How worried should people be? What are their risks? I think we shouldn't be worried. We should rather be prepared because for flu, we do have a vaccine, we do have antivirals and a set of measures.
  • UDXBIO 5 products have obtained EU CE certification
    The new coronavirus rapid detection kit successfully developed by Henan UDX Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is simple to operate, and the results can be interpreted by the naked eye in 15-20 minutes, which can provide rapid detection methods for suspected patients with new coronary pneumonia.