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Novel Coronavirus Tools -- COVID-19 Antigen Tests

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We are now able to receive free COVID-19 vaccines in Wuhan, and the news is getting better and better. We are sure that we can take off our masks soon. Let's take a look at the scientific tools that will keep the coronavirus pandemic safe

1. CE certified Human IgM IgG Serum Antibody Rapid detection KitCOVID-19 Total Antibodies Rapid Test price - UDXBIO

IgM IgG antibody test is one of the effective methods for novel coronavirus diagnosis. Simultaneous monitoring of IgG and IgM antibodies enables more accurate diagnosis.

Samples: human venous whole blood (EDTA potassium, heparin sodium, sodium citrate), serum, plasma (EDTA potassium, heparin sodium, sodium citrate) and fingertip whole blood (EDTA dipotassium, EDTA tripotassium, without anticoagulant)

Features: it can detect IgM/IgG antibodies in the blood, and can determine whether people are infected and in the acute infection period or have a history of infection according to the results. Its biggest advantages are fast, safe and reliable: the results can be interpreted with naked eyes in 15 minutes; Easy to operate, without any equipment; High sensitivity

Human IgM IgG Antibody ELISA Kit

2. Qualitative detection of IgM/IgG antibody in human serum based on indirect ELISA

Samples: serum and plasma

Features: qualitative detection of IgM/IgG antibody in human serum based on indirect ELISA

3. CE certified RAPID detection kit for COVID-19 antigen

According to the principle of double-antibody sandwich ELISA, the samples were dropped onto the sample pad and then passed through the binding pad, the DETECTION line (T line) and the quality control line (C line) on the NC film by liquid chromatography.

Sample: nasal swab

Features: Suitable for the detection of patients suspected of having COVID-19 within 12 days of symptom onset; Results can be visually interpreted in 15 minutes; Easy to operate, without any equipment; High sensitivity

4. COVID-19 virus antigen ELISA Kit

Abnovanovel coronavirusN protein ELISA Kit is based on double antibody sandwich ELISA method. The microporous plate of the kit is coated with N protein antibody, which can specifically fix the N protein in the sample on the bottom of the plate, then add the N protein detection antibody, add the enzyme linked second antibody with the specific reaction of the detection, and color through the substrate. Quantitative analysis of Novel coronavirusN protein can be realized.

Samples: serum, plasma and culture supernatant; Nasopharynx and nasal swab after extraction

Features: quantitative analysis of N protein in Novel Coronavirus was carried out based on double-antibody sandwich ELISA

5. Neutralizing Antibody detection kit for COVID-19

Abnova has two Novel Coronavirus neutralizing antibody detection kits based on protein response and cell response.

At present, the diagnostic methods of COVID-19 have been rapidly transformed from nucleic acid detection, antibody detection fast screening, viral antigen detection fast screening, neutralizing antibody quantitative detection, and development, hoping to achieve the ultimate victory as soon as possible!