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What is COVID-19 antigen rapid test?

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Viral nucleic acid detection and antibody detection methods are widely used

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, virus nucleic acid detection and antibody detection methods have been widely applied, and to arapid antigen cost - UDXBIO certain extent, contain the spread of the virus. However, according to the disclosure of the CDC at home and abroad, most virus carriers were not identified in time in the early stage of infection. In fact, COVID-19 cases in the United States are more than 90% who have not received any virus tests. The main reason is that nucleic acid detection and antibody detection can not provide fast and accurate COVID-19 detection results in the early stage of virus infection. Because nucleic acid detection is a detection method that consumes a lot of manpower and time, and is expensive, it has high requirements for detection equipment, environment and detection personnel, and can only be carried out in a few professional institutions; The detection rate of antibody in the first two weeks of infection is very low, so it is not suitable for early detection of infection.

There was no detectable antibody in the serum at the early stage of the disease, so the COVID-19 antibody test could not screen the infected at this stage; At this time, if you want to screen by immunological methods, you need to use antigen detection. Antigen detection can directly detect whether the human body contains New Coronavirus. The diagnosis is fast, accurate, and requires less equipment and personnel. Using double antibody sandwich method, using two antigen specific antibodies to identify and combine different epitopes of a target antigen, can greatly reduce the probability of cross reaction, thereby effectively improving its specificity.

Considering the advantages of antigen detection, FDA of Japan and the United States respectively approved and developed the third generation detection method for direct detection of virus antigen. The detection of these new generation antigens adopts the principle of side flow immunochromatography. It takes only 15-30 minutes from sample collection to obtaining the detection report. According to the published data, the minimum detection limit of these products is 113 ~ 1000 TCID50 / ml. in the initial clinical research, the positive detection rate of these products for nucleic acid positive samples is up to 96.7%, indicating that their performance may have been able to meet the clinical needs. Due to the small number of positive samples used in clinical studies ofantigen kit cost - UDXBIO these products, there may be large differences and fluctuations in the detection rate data, which may need to be verified by including more positive samples in subsequent studies.

The advent of antigen rapid test technology marks the COVID-19 detection entry into the 3 era. 

COVID-19 rapid test will easily enter a wider market, and people can even test for COVID-19 at home (subject to local regulations). Antigen detection has the advantages of fast, accurate and easy operation, which will benefit many industries, including customs (personnel and import and export goods), hotels, airlines, restaurants, conferences, live concerts, sports events, etc. In addition, the operation of antigen rapid test is very simple, which can be easily mastered by other medical staff other than professional medical technicians, and can be used to provide patients with COVID-19 rapid test services, which can greatly reduce the overload of the medical system. The advent of COVID-19 antigen rapid test products is conducive to minimizing the risk of virus transmission and promoting the complete prevention and control of the epidemic in all countries around the world.

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