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  • Nasal Swab and Saliva samples: the United States shortens the interval between intensified needles

    With the rapid spread of the mutant strain of the new crown virus Omi Keron, the number of new confirmed cases in the United States in a single day exceeded 1 million this Monday (January 3), which is also the world's highest record since the outbreak.

  • UDXBIO has developed new products-covid-19/influenza A+B rapid test

    Flu season is starting in many parts of the world now. So, now people are worried about flu and COVID. How worried should people be? What are their risks? I think we shouldn't be worried. We should rather be prepared because for flu, we do have a vaccine, we do have antivirals and a set of measures.

  • Different Testing for COVID-19

    There are many kinds of tests​ that are available to the public. When a person decides ‘I think I need testing’, can you explain what are the different kinds of tests available to them and how they should choose? Yes, this indeed is one of the most popular questions.

  • COVID-19 patients only need to be isolated for 5 days when symptoms disappear

    According to The Verge, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Monday that people who have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus will only need to quarantine for 5 days after their symptoms disappear.

  • Scientists have identified antibodies that can neutralize Omicron and other SARS-CoV-2 variants

    An international team of scientists has identified an antibody rapid test that can neutralize Omicron and other SARS-CoV-2 rapid test for antibodies for sale - UDXBIOvariants. These antibodies target areas of the virus spike protein, which remain basically unchanged as the virus mutates.

  • Omicron's symptoms are more like a cold?

    Although, like other variants of the COVID-19, infections caused by the Omicron will have a series of typical symptoms, including fever, cough, and loss of smell or taste, but according to some media reports, it will also cause some symptoms haven't reported before, including nausea and vomiting.

  • COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test: traditional Chinese medicine is still very effective in treating people infected with Delta virus.

    Zhang Zhongde said, for example, during the Guangzhou epidemic from May to June, 166 local cases were treated. Among them, the number of patients treated with traditional Chinese medicine alone reached 118, accounting for more than 71%, successfully preventing 57 patients with a tendency to become.

  • Total Antibodies Rapid Test: Omi Keron is here

    Total Antibodies Rapid Test: Omi Keron is here. According to Zhang Zhongde, clinical findings showed that more than 80% of people infected with the delta mutant strain had fever, with symptoms such as high fever, chills, headache, dry throat, fatigue, abdominal distension, and loss of appetite as the main symptoms.

  • What is COVID-19 antigen rapid test?

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, virus nucleic acid detection and antibody detection methods have been widely applied, and to a certain extent, contain the spread of the virus. However, according to the disclosure of the CDC at home and abroad, most virus carriers were not identified in time in the early stage of infection.

  • The difference between POCT test and PCR test

    The PCR laboratory is also called the gene amplification laboratory. PCR is the abbreviation for Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is a molecular biology technique used to amplify specific DNA fragments, which can be regarded as a special DNA replication in vitro.

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