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price of antigen test kit

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  • U.S. academics say the COVID-19 will never disappear

    ​The WHO stated that Omicron mainly infects the upper respiratory tract and the symptoms are relatively mild. The American medical community believes that the COVID-19 will eventually become flu, and people should live with the virus, but at the same time a new variant of the virus has been discovered in France.

  • Total Antibodies Rapid Test: Omicron may rule the world - part 1

    Total Antibodies Rapid Test: Omicron may rule the world. WHO data shows that as of December 22, the Omicron strain has spread to 110 countries and regions around the world.

  • Omicron has surpassed the Black Death and has become the fastest spreading virus in human history

    With the end of the Christmas and New Year holidays, Omicron infections have shown an "explosive" increase in European and American countries, once again disrupting people's daily lives. However, in the face of this "unprecedented epidemic tsunami", some experts said, "If everyone you know is now infected with the Covid-19 virus.