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  • Harnessing Antigen Tests for Mass Screening: A Crucial Strategy in Pandemic Control
    Amidst the ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, the utilization of antigen tests for mass screening has emerged as a pivotal strategy in pandemic control efforts worldwide. These rapid diagnostic tests offer a valuable tool in identifying infected individuals swiftly and efficiently, thereb
  • Nasal Swab and Saliva samples: the United States shortens the interval between intensified needles
    With the rapid spread of the mutant strain of the new crown virus Omi Keron, the number of new confirmed cases in the United States in a single day exceeded 1 million this Monday (January 3), which is also the world's highest record since the outbreak.
  • U.S. academics say the COVID-19 will never disappear
    ​The WHO stated that Omicron mainly infects the upper respiratory tract and the symptoms are relatively mild. The American medical community believes that the COVID-19 will eventually become flu, and people should live with the virus, but at the same time a new variant of the virus has been discovered in France.
  • Different Testing for COVID-19
    There are many kinds of tests​ that are available to the public. When a person decides ‘I think I need testing’, can you explain what are the different kinds of tests available to them and how they should choose? Yes, this indeed is one of the most popular questions.
  • Antigen Rapid Test: China's response to COVID-19 methodically
    Antigen Rapid Test: China's response to COVID-19 methodically. It is the most difficult time for mankind to fight against the virus.
  • Antibodies Rapid Test Kit: the number of cases continues to soar!
    Antibodies Rapid Test Kit: the number of cases continues to soar! The pandemic will eventually end, even if Omicron is complicating the question of when the pandemic will end. But experts say that the world must learn to coexist with a virus that will never disappear.
  • Rapid antibody detection kit: a necessity in epidemic situation
    Rapid antibody detection kit: a necessity in epidemic situation. After that, it can stay in the patient's body for several months, and the virus can spread to all parts of the body and continue to attack the heart and brain.
  • Differences between Covid-19 Nucleic acid test, antigen test and antibody test
    There are usually two strategies for detecting infectious diseases: testing for the pathogen itself, or testing for antibodies produced by the body to fight it off.Among them, detection of pathogens can detect both antigen and nucleic acid.Nucleic acid testing and antibody/antigen testing.